Al Gibbons was born in the suburbs of South Jersey across the bridge from Philadelphia. At an early age, he developed a strong work ethic. He found building and electrical trades to be his passion, as well as real estate. Al got his start in 1973 when he and a high school friend bought their first property – a 5-acre parcel – and has been in the business ever since. He has over 44 years of electrical work experience. At the start of COVID-19, Al developed the idea of Al’s Tele-Electric to address the safety of his clients, while also making his services more easily accessible and affordable.

Currently, Al lives in the historic district of Sanford, Florida – his hometown of now 40 years – with his wife Kim and four kid.

Through Al’s Tele-Electric, he hopes to streamline the process of fixing electrical problems and educate the community through his own experiences.


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